We're Open for Business - Just Being Careful

We agree that staying at home as much as possible during this difficult time is the best way to see things through, so we've given a lot of thought as to whether we should stay open for visitors or not. Here's why we've decided to stay open for the time being:

  • Much of our business is conducted in the open air. Our raw materials are in our lumber yard and milled materials are in a warehouse with plenty of ventilation. We can help you select materials while all of us keep a safe distance.

  • We typically meet with only a few people at a time. If we all exercise safe practices during those visits, we will significantly reduce the likelihood of infection.

  • We think if you have to stay home more, it's a good time to work on projects you haven't had time for previously. "Do-it-yourself" projects are great family projects and a great learning experience for the kids.

  • Being cooped up long-term can be tough on everyone - especially young kids. Our three side-by side country properties have acres of lawn for the kids to romp in while you shop for materials. (Sometimes it's a little muddy. If you bring kids, have 'em wear boots and plan to do laundry when you get home. LOL).

  • Many of our regular and first-time customers are calling ahead to order milled materials. We can get those ready and you can pick up with limited contact. OR most milled materials are relatively easy and cost-effective to ship, so delivery to your door is even an option!

Get started with a visit to our Show Home or by contacting us.

Show Home and Shoppe

We've completely remodeled a small ranch-style home on our property in Sparta, WI, using many of the reclaimed wood products we make from various salvaged materials.

Now instead of just looking at pictures or small samples, you can see installed examples of our reclaimed wood flooring, accent walls and ceilings, kitchen cabinets and furniture, decor and much more, all made with reclaimed materials.


Experts emphasize the need for social isolation, so we're now offering virtual visit options via FaceTime or Skype, so you can continue to work on your projects while spending more time at home. Call ahead to schedule an appointment. During your virtual visit, we'll talk with you about your project to determine your interests. We can then show you different options, discuss pros and cons, installation ideas, etc.

If you decide to place an order, we can prepare it for you to pick up with limited contact - or we can ship many of our products to you.

You can also take a self-guided tour through the home!

Click Here

or use the tab at the top for more information and photos.

To schedule your video visit please call ahead! 608-487-0547

Reclaimed Wood Products Sparta, WI

To view our variety of new reclaimed barn wood products, reclaimed wood flooring, and reclaimed wood furniture that can be made to order, click here.

Reclaimed Wood Cabinets
Skip Planed Painted Accent Material
Reclaimed Wood Murphy Bed
Reclaimed Skip Planed Wood Flooring
Reclaimed Center Cut Flooring
Reclaimed barnwood wet bar
Reclaimed Dutch Door
Pub Table and Chair Set
Pine Flooring
Skip Planed Painted Accent Material
Reclaimed wood herringbone table
Reclaimed wood bar
Skip planed vintage paint headboard
Show home accent wall & ceiling

In The News...

Have a subscription to Hulu?
Treehouse Masters Season 10, is now available on the network.

Check out Season 10 “Rusty Rooted River Shack”.
Used Anew supplied many of the materials for this tree house

in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.
Show host, Pete Nelson and his crew, visited us in Sparta and filmed the materials selection at our location. 

It was a blast!


We work hard to find alternative uses for materials that are most often wasted. The material we reclaimed from this garage, for example, may become one of the many products shown in this brief video.

Can I Install My Own Wood Flooring?

The answer is yes! Even if you don't have any previous experience with DIY or home remodeling projects, installing your own flooring is absolutely


This video includes step by step instructions, tools you will need, and some helpful tricks we learned along the way. For other questions regarding your own installation or our flooring options,

Contact Us


"Boards from Used Anew helped us create the look we wanted for our lower level family room. Thanks for the help in picking out the perfect boards for this project! We highly recommend them!!!"

- Jimand & Tricia F.

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