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Mixed Species Wood Flooring


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We make new solid wood flooring from vintage wood rescued from unwanted buildings. We can call on our expert millers to make “new wood” flooring too. Explore a few options below.

Skip Planed Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Skip Planed Flooring

Our skip planed flooring is produced using boards with “rough sawn” surface markings with an  aged patina only achievable by the passage of time. We set the planer knives to skim the  surface, leaving some of the original saw marks and other forms of character, while also  exposing the rich patina of the aged wood beneath the surface. Skip planed flooring is likely to  include multiple species of wood. 

Center Cut Flooring

We re-saw some of our barn beams into boards that we then use to create new flooring. We call this product “Center Cut” flooring because there is no original surface on the boards. While not likely to feature as much character as our skip-planed flooring, center cut will likely exhibit occasional nail holes, low cracks, evidence of former insect activity, or possible spalting.  Center cut flooring is likely to include multiple species of wood. 

Mixed Species Center Cut Flooring
Vintage Pine Flooring

Vintage Pine Flooring

Our vintage pine flooring is essentially center cut flooring but rather than a mix of species, it will  be made exclusively from re-sawn pine beams. It will likely exhibit nail holes, low cracks,  evidence of former insect activity, along with the rich patina of aged pine.

Natural Walnut Flooring

We refer to our walnut flooring as “natural” in that it has not been steamed. Steaming walnut  forces the pigments throughout the board to turn a somewhat consistent chocolate color. Our  walnut boards are first air dried, then kiln dried without steam, allowing the natural variation in  pigment to remain in the flooring. You’ll see everything from creamy sapwood to dark cocoa.  (It’s the way walnut was meant to be!)

Natural Walnut Flooring
End Grain Reclaimed Wood Flooring

End Grain Flooring

Imagine slicing a barn beam like a loaf of bread, cutting 3/4” thick tiles off the end, then laying  those tiles flat to make a unique flooring surface. You’ve just envisioned our End Grain Flooring.  Our end grain flooring tiles will exhibit the natural cracks and splits of vintage beams. (Who  wants perfect uniform squares and rectangles anyway?) The tiles are glued to the subfloor.  There are various ways to make grout for wood tiles. We use sawdust and polyurethane with a  bit of dark stain added.

Custom Flooring

Since we don’t mass produce flooring, preferring to make each batch as it is ordered, you have  some flexibility in determining what you get. We can, of course, make somewhat traditional  “new wood” flooring from various species of lumber, but we can also make some adjustments 

Walnut and Cherry Flooring
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