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Our Show Home
& Shoppe:

Some businesses have a Showroom. We have a Show Home! It’s a whole house with examples of flooring, accent walls and ceilings, furniture, and decor distributed throughout the various rooms. Rather than looking at a few small samples, you can walk from room to room, exploring numerous options and getting ideas for your project.

The “Shoppe” part of our Show Home & Shoppe means you can shop for and purchase any of the numerous antiques, collectibles, craft items, furniture, and decor that are on display throughout the house - or, again, get ideas for things you'd like us to create for you

Address: 4983 Garden Ave, Sparta, WI 54656

Hours: Thurs-Sat:  9 am-4 pm

            Mon-Wed: Call Ahead

Below are a few pics of the Show Home & Shoppe. Bear in mind that the furniture and decor are constantly changing, so you’ll want to visit to see the latest!

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