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Rusty Corrugated Metal

Miscellaneous Materials

Rusty Corrugated Tin On Ceiling

Corrugated Steel

Vintage Corrugated tin is often but not always rusty. We typically have a range of "rustiness" on hand. One can also face the underside out, displaying the aged patina of the metal with no or very little rust

Sheets are 2' wide and vary in length. Sold by the square foot.

"Flat" Tin

We have several profiles of what we call "flat tin" (not corrugated).  Most types featured edges that intersected tightly with the neighboring piece. These are hard to reclaim without bending the edges, making it difficult to reinstall as originally designed. BUT as most applications are decorative only, the edges can be brought together and nailed in place without a need for the waterproof tight fit of the original. 

Here again, There are various degrees of rustiness available

Rusty Flat Barn Roof Metal
Old Barn With Faded Siding

Barn Siding

While we kiln dry and mill much of our barn siding, using the brown inside surface, we also try to keep some unprocessed barn siding on hand. Choose between weathered red or mostly grey (and remember, you can use the brown inside surface too).

Other Materials

Our inventory is always changing, but will frequently include materials as diverse as rough cut walnut, barn battens, lath (from plaster & lath walls) old barn and house doors and windows, etc. We have a whole shed full of miscellaneous boards for our crafting friends to peruse. We would love to set up a walk through visit so you can discover more!


How to Order

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