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Reclaimed Wood Barn Beams 

Barn Beam Ceiling Lights
Barn Beam Wall Shelves
Barn Beam Doorway Trim
Reclaimed Beam Accented Mantle
Reclaimed Beam Accented Mantle
Reclaimed Barn Beam Fireplace Mantle
Reclaimed Wood Beam Side Table
Reclaimed Wood Barn Beam Mantle
Repurposed Wood Beam Mantle
Reclaimed Wood Accent Fireplace Mant
Vintage barn beams can be repurposed in a variety of creative ways to add a touch of rustic charm to your home, cabin, office or commercial property.
Various types of beams available.
Above are a few photos from customers that demonstrate how they have used our beams in their projects.
Borrow ideas from these past applications, or design a unique plan of your own. 
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Barn Beams are charged by the "board foot". If you're not sure how that works, here's a link to a helpful guide...
How to Measure Up. 
Imagine building a barn with 30 – 40 foot long hardwood beams, high in the air and fit together precisely with mortise and tenon joints, then pinned with whittled wooden dowels. Sounds tough enough. Now imagine doing it with no chainsaw, no electric tools, and no cranes or hydraulic lifts!

With every barn we deconstruct we gain a renewed respect for the craftsmen that built them, sometimes 100 years or more in the past. And there’s nothing quite like the vintage timbers that were used to make beams, or the rich aged patina they’ve developed over all those years of use.

Our barn beams typically come from buildings we (or our associates) have deconstructed in a relatively small area, including parts of western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. Our inventory is comprised of numerous wood species generally found in the woods surrounding the barn – red or white oak, pine, fir, poplar, maple, elm, ash or others. (If the tree was tall and straight, it was a likely candidate for becoming part of a new barn!)


In the gallery, check out some of the uses our customers have made of barn beams they’ve acquired from us. 

Visit our Gallery to see more applications and photos of our custom options.

Rough Sawn

These beams were cut with a band saw or large circular saw blade, often leaving saw marks on the surface. Various sizes and species are available.

Hand Hewn

Hand hewn beams are generally older and more rare than saw-cut beams. They were shaped by hand with an axe, requiring many hours of labor to make just one!

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