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Barn Beams Above Fireplace

Barn Beams

We stock a variety of barn beams of different sizes and species from 4x4 and up – some with mortise pockets, some without. These are sold by the board foot.

Barn Beams can be used for fireplace mantles, floating shelves, furniture, railing posts, doorway framing, to complement ceilings, and more

Rough Sawn
Barn Beams

Cut to size on a sawmill – either a band saw or circular saw. Saw markings may be present.

Hand Hewn
Barn Beams

Oldest and most rare. These were shaped with an axe and exhibit obvious chop marks.

The photos above represent a variety of possible applications for our barn beams.

Interested in Purchasing?

We give our customers the freedom to hand-pick their perfect beam from our constantly changing selection!


We’d love to set up a time for you to visit our lumber yard to select the perfect beam or beams for your project

Large Inventory of Barn Beams
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