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Center Cut

Our Center Cut flooring is made from resawn barn beams. We select beams from a variety of species, saw them into boards, then mill the boards into flooring. With no original surface, this flooring will be planed smoother than our skip planed flooring. The species mix will exhibit variation in wood colors and grain patterns. There may be nail holes, evidence of former insect activity, possible spalting of some boards, etc. This is a great mid-range flooring option – not so rustic as our Skip Planed flooring, but far more unique than a more traditional floor.

- Thickness: 3/4”
- Width: 2 1/4”, 3”, 4”, 5”
- Length: 8 inches to 6 feet

The photos above were sent to us by our customers, representing a range of possible results from this type of material. Bear in mind, changes in lighting, finish materials used, and surrounding environment can affect the on-screen appearance of these surfaces. Actual in-person results may differ from the photos – and remember, every batch is unique.

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