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Reclaimed Barn Siding

Barns near Sparta, WI were typically painted red. A few were painted white. Grey weathered siding was either never painted, or was painted so long ago that little or no paint remains on the surface.
We generally stock a supply of grey, and of red weathered siding.
Above are a few photos generously shared by our customers that show how they've used our siding materials in their projects. More photos (and more ideas!) can be seen in the Gallery.
Borrow some ideas from these photos, or create a unique project design of your own. 
Contact Us 
to see what we have available or with any questions. 

Visit our Gallery to see more applications and photos of our weathered wood siding.

Click to find out more about why we reclaim materials like barn wood and other construction lumber, and why we choose to be a Green Alternative company.

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