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Due in part to the popularity of an HGTV show called "Fixer Upper" where show host and designer, JoAnna Gaines champions the many uses of shiplap, this vintage profile has come back strong with a resurgent demand.
In addition to the vintage shiplap we reclaim from old home deconstructions, we produce new pine shiplap to keep up with the demand. Customers can varnish, stain, paint, whitewash, or oil the finish to achieve the look they prefer.
We typically stock 4 1/2" and 6 1/2" wide boards that are 8 feet or more in length and a full 3/4" thick. To ensure that our customers get only straight boards, the new sawn pine is kiln dried first, then "straight line ripped" before milling.
Contact Us  early to be sure we have enough on hand or to give us time to produce more for your order. 

Need rough sawn pine? We can order it for you in a variety of widths.

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