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Reclaimed Wood Headboards

Sparta, WI

Our headboards are made with reclaimed wood from our various deconstruction projects around Sparta, WI. Choose from skip planed (Brown-Grey), skip planed vintage paint, or center cut (Scroll below for details).

All are made to mount easily on the wall at the head of your bed using a French Cleat mount. Click here to see an example of mount. 

Each headboard will utilize numerous kinds of wood in various widths. The milled wood is attached to plywood for stability, and then is framed using reclaimed wood with lots of character.

Visit our Gallery to see more applications and photos of our hand crafted headboards.


We hand select vintage reclaimed lumber that has a rough sawn surface for this style. After kiln drying, the milling process shaves off just a bit of the surface, leaving patches of the original markings, while exposing some of the aged wood colors and grains beneath. Every headboard will be a unique blend of multiple wood types.

sp headboard.jpg
Reclaimed Paints

We paint some of our reclaimed  wood, then skip plane it to achieve a "Cottage Chic" style without the lead additives frequently found in old paints. 

We stock a blend of white and off-whites, and a random mixed color batch. 

Want specific colors? If we don’t have the colors you want in our reclaimed paint inventory, bring us your own paint and we’ll include it in the next batch we produce!

*We call the paints we use for this, new reclaimed because we’ve partnered with an area paint contractor to utilize leftover paint that would have otherwise been wasted.*

vintage paint headboard.jpg

We call this style “Center-Cut”.


Boards are cut from the center of vintage barn beams and other reclaimed timbers, then are kiln dried and milled. Nail holes, small knots, evidence of former insect activity and other types of natural and man-made character are evident.


We use a variety of different wood species and multiple widths, so  no two headboards will ever be the same.


You can be assured that your headboard will be a one-of-a-kind blend of natural wood colors and grains with plenty of extra character.

Contemporary Center Cut Wood Headboard
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