Reclaimed Wood Flooring

One-of-a-kind floors featuring a mixture of reclaimed woods. Your mixed species floor may include varying percentages of red oak, elm, white oak, maple, fir, poplar, ash - perhaps even walnut, cherry, or others. The result is a real wood floor with a mix of colors and grains. We typically produce the three styles of reclaimed flooring in Sparta, WI. shown below. Contact us with the specifics of your flooring needs and to see what we can do for you!

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Can I Install My Own Wood Flooring?

The answer is yes! Even if you don't have any previous experience with DIY or home remodeling projects, installing your own flooring is absolutely


This video includes step by step instructions, tools you will need, and some helpful tricks we learned along the way. For any more questions regarding your own installation or our flooring options,

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Skip-Planed Wood Flooring

We make our skip-planed reclaimed wood flooring by selecting vintage boards with a rough sawn original surface, often with circle saw marks left from the huge circular saw blades that were once the norm for sawing wood. You’ll also see nail holes and other indications that your flooring is made from reclaimed materials

We mill the boards to a consistent 3/4" thickness, then set the planer knives to just skim the face.
The process exploits the irregularities in the surface so that some of the original markings remain, accompanied by patches of aged patina of the various vintage woods. Boards come with tongue and groove edges for easy installation.

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Center-Cut Wood Flooring

Our center-cut flooring is made from resawn barn beams and other vintage timbers. Because the resulting boards are from the inside of the beam, none of the original surface remains. Evidence of the wood’s age and previous use remain, however. You will see nail holes, evidence of former insect activity, spalting, surface cracks, etc. These “imperfections”, coupled with the mixture of different wood species, give your floor just a touch of rustic and a whole lot of one-of-a-kind beauty. Boards come with "tongue and groove" edges for easy installation.

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End Grain Wood Flooring

End grain flooring is made by slicing beams across the ends, producing what are essentially wooden “tiles”. We don’t “square up” the beams before sawing, so they will still have their original edges.
Make patterns if you wish with different sized tiles, lay them in rows or place them randomly. Any way you choose will make an awesome real wood floor that is uniquely yours! 

Click            for helpful hints and pictures for installing end-grain flooring. 

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