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Small Challenges in Mauston, WI


We wrapped up part of a unique project in Mauston, WI yesterday.

We didn’t deconstruct this barn. The owners did the work themselves.

We only helped them drop the roof to make it safer and easier for them to finish their work.


What makes this project special is that the owners will use much of their wood in a new house they’ll be building on the property, including flooring we’ll be making for them from their beams!

Most of those beams have been delivered to our Amish team where they will be re-sawn, kiln dried, and milled into center cut flooring with all the charm and character that old growth reclaimed wood can provide.

As part of our arrangement, the owners sent the material they aren’t using, home with us so we can find other uses for it.

We did run into a challenge or two when attempting to haul the material from the barn to where it needed to be.

Unfortunately our area of Wisconsin has had very heavy rainfall for a good chunk of the last couple months. Consequently, we ended up in a bit of a rut.. Literally.

Wisconsin skid loader stuck in the mud after months of heavy rain
Skid loader stuck in a rut after months of heavy rainfall in Wisconsin

Our skid steer decided to be a bit of a “stick in the mud” when we came back to load up the barn beams. Then, just when we were about to pull the skid steer free, one of the tow straps we were using let loose, and well…

Broken windshield on truck from tow strap
Broken windshield from a slipped tow strap

Maybe we were due for a new windshield anyway! (Thankfully no humans [or other creatures] were injured during the making of this dilemma.)

Thanks to a local tow truck company and to the folks at Safelite AutoGlass it didn’t take us too long to get back in operation to finish this phase of the project. The remaining materials from the barn were removed, leaving behind a promising new space for the owner to develop in the future.

Deconstructed barn property
Cleared property from deconstructed barn.


Hands down, our favorite part of the business we’ve created, is making the connections we do with landowners and the other folks we hook up with along the way. Unlike a lot of other companies, we aren’t stuck with one way of doing business. We can get a little creative in order help folks achieve their goals, and in turn, they help us achieve ours. This is just one example of the sort of win-win situation we’re especially fond of.


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