Setting the Trim Trend


We’ve recently done a bit of organizing in our Trim Shed. This is where we’ve collected a variety of “finish” materials from older homes we’ve deconstructed.

Reclaimed vintage base boards and casings from around windows and doors are sometimes replicated today for new home construction or remodels at very high prices compared to the cost of our reclaimed trim.

Many older homes have been remodeled using newer simpler forms of trim that don’t fit the character of the structure. Homeowners who would like to return the home to it’s original charm must either find reclaimed materials that fit the era and style of the house or resort to paying high prices for replicated trim.

One method for trimming out an older home that has some of it’s original trim remaining and other areas with less desirable material, is to remove matching trim from various rooms throughout the house, and collecting it in the most visible or most frequently used rooms, where the entire room can be furnished with matching trim.

Then other rooms can be finished with similar style trim that accomplishes the desired look without necessarily needing to match the original materials exactly.

Our inventory of vintage window and door trim is considerably more abundant than our base trim at present. By ripping one edge of these boards, they could be used for base trim, jointing shorter pieces with angle cuts where they meet.


We also like to use vintage trim for craft projects. We have a couple of these available for purchase in our online store here.


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