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Shipping Available!

We now have variable shipping options available for many of our items in our online store along with our local/in-store pick up option as well, be sure to check them out! If shipping is not currently available for a product you'd like or you have any questions regarding this feel free to give us a call

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Lath Wood Picture Frames

Older homes we deconstruct often have walls and ceilings covered with plaster. Lath are rough sawn wood strips nailed to the studs and ceiling joists that the plaster adheres to. These rustic wood pieces make awesome picture frames and this unique product is a great way we've found to keep yet another material out of the landfill!

Improving Daily!

We're still making more items available here, so feel free to make your purchases today, but make sure to check back often. Don't hesitate to give us your opinion or reach out with any questions you might have!


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