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We now have variable shipping options available for many of our items in our online store along with our local/in-store pick up option as well, be sure to check them out! If shipping is not currently available for a product you'd like or you have any questions regarding this feel free to give us a call

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Brown/Grey Mix Reclaimed Wood Wall Treatment

In stock
Product Details

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Made from reclaimed wood recovered from various deconstruction projects - from barn wood, older homes, garages, sheds and others.

We heat treat the wood, mill it to precise width and thickness, add tongue & groove for easy installation, then skip plane the surface. The process removes some of the surface exposing the rich patina of the wood beneath, while leaving some of the original saw markings intact.

Multiple wood species, nail holes, evidence of former insect activity and various other forms of character make this product a truly unique accent material for your home, office or commercial space.

We generally keep this product in stock for immediate sale of smaller orders. Larger orders may require a few weeks to produce. Can be picked up on site or ask us to calculate a shipping cost for delivery to your door.

Sold by the square foot - $6 per square foot.

* Widths include 2 1/4", 3", 4", 5"
* Lengths from 8 inches to approximately 6 feet
* Thickness - 1/2"
* Joinery - Tongue & Groove
Note: Widths available are determined by best use of the material. You may not receive all 4 widths. The quantity of each width will vary for each order.

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