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Naily Wood

Our "Naily Wood" is lumber that was removed from vintage rooftops where wooden shakes were held in place by tiny shake nails. These and larger nails used to add asphalt or steel roofing materials, have all worked together to create a high character surface like no other!
To view our blog post and video about naily wood click here
Above are a few photos our customers have shared that show how they've used our reclaimed Naily Wood boards from vintage rooftops. We use them too. The pics of small boxes and trays are from our workshop. We also use Naily Wood to frame our headboards and vanity tops, and for base trim and molding on accent walls.
Borrow some ideas from these past applications, or create a unique design of your own. 
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to see what we have available or with any questions. 

Visit our Gallery to see more applications and photos of "Naily Wood".

Click to find out more about why we re-use materials like barn wood and other reclaimed lumber to create beautiful pieces like these, and why we choose to be a Green Alternative company.

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