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Larry's Lumber Yard

Barn Beams Lumber Yard
Barn Board Wall Flag
Barn Beams Lumber Yard
Barn Beam Mantle and Wall Accent
Weathered Barn Siding Accent Wall
White Painted Shiplap
Naily Wood Accent Wall
Rustic Shiplap
Barn Beam Accent Trim
Repurposed Barn Beam Chandelier
Browse the links below for a variety of our raw materials and things our customers have utilized them for.
Along with these various types of reclaimed lumber and new lumber we also have a wide range of raw, reclaimed materials for sale in our Lumber Yard in Sparta, WI. Feel free to Contact Us to see what we have available or with any questions and requests.
If you're unsure what materials will be best for the job, or need some clarification on what's what, click here.

The deconstruction of unwanted buildings provides us these raw materials which are great for many applications. Reusing and repurposing these materials is an opportunity for our customers to  participate in environmentally friendly processes and enjoy the authenticity of reclaimed wood products. Click to learn more about our Green Alternative.


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