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LuAnn and Larry
Used Anew Wood Shed
LuAnn's Collectibles and Antiques
Used Anew Wood Shed
Used Anew Lumber Yard
Used Anew
Used Anew Wood Accents Inventory
Wood Used Anew Sign
LuAnns Antiques and Collectibles
Trailer Haul of Deconstructed Lumber
Pete Nelson with Larry and Luann

At Used Anew, we save many tons of quality materials each year from unwanted barns, houses and other buildings. We make these materials available in the form of beautiful, unique, ready-to-use products or “raw materials” you can employ in your new construction, remodel, or do-it-yourself projects.

We also make quality furniture and decor items from some of our materials… and along the way, we encounter antiques and collectibles you can incorporate “as is” in your home or office decor or combine and repurpose in creative ways.

Click to read Larry and LuAnn's stories that describe how they built Used Anew LLC from the ground up!

Check out some things our ThingMaker has made with reclaimed materials here, or you can visit our Online Shop to look around at some of our readily available items. Contact Us for information about your options for deconstruction should you have an unwanted building that needs removal.

We take great pride in reclaiming useful material from our deconstruction projects and transforming them into some of the beautiful products you will find here. Our mission is to "repurpose" these goods and to provide our customers with the means to utilize them, thereby limiting the growing impact of unnecessary waste in our environment.

Click to learn more about Green Alternative and why we aim to have a positive impact on the the world we live in. 

Coming from a distance to pick something up and want to turn the journey into a relaxing get-away in a beautiful Wisconsin rural setting? Be sure to check out our

Eagle View Apartment

a licensed luxury Vacation Rental.


Visit Wisconsin Country Places LLC,

for details or give us a call at (608) 487-0547 to make arrangements.

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