Why Deconstruct?

If you have an unwanted building, chances are you are still insuring it and paying taxes on it. If the building is allowed to deteriorate, there are also liability issues to consider should someone be hurt in an unsafe building.  Removal of your unwanted building makes good financial sense, and removes concerns you may have about accidents happening in it. Often, however, landowners are unsure how to proceed once they’ve decided a building should be removed. Demolition costs will include significant machine time to knock down the building and to consolidate the resulting piles of debris. Disposal costs will be based on the volume and weight of debris created from the demolition. The costs of demolition and disposal can be rather daunting!

Careful deconstruction of your building and removal of materials that can be repurposed, will substantially limit the amount of material to be disposed of, and machine time will be limited as well, since the building will already be down and partially consolidated once the deconstruction is completed.

For example, this old Quonset building had broken roof rafters falling in - and a tremendous tilt to one side made it unsafe to use. 

If not for deconstruction and diversion of salvageable material for other purposes, this building might have been destroyed and buried.  Instead, the landowner chose to make a positive impact on the environment by hiring Used Anew to disassemble and save materials that could be reused.  Because of this decision, elements of this unwanted building have found their way to over a dozen individual projects! Materials saved and repurposed from this project include the corrugated roof tin, many oak rafter sections, oak 2x4’s and 2x6’s, oak 1x boards from the purlins, posts, doors, and some additional metal was recycled. As you can imagine, with all that material removed from the site, there was very little left to dispose of!

Deconstruction is a "win-win-win-win". The landowner can often save money, landfills must accommodate far less material, buyers of reclaimed materials are happy to source beautiful old wood, fixtures and other materials, - and Used Anew is able to provide jobs for employees who do the deconstruction work, clean the materials of nails and make them ready for repurposing.

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