Materials Inventory

Photo of Used Anew Materials Yard

Some of our materials and products are listed on the La Crosse, Wisconsin Craigslist as they become available, but we do have a hard time keeping up, so only a tiny fraction of our inventory is ever listed. If you are looking for specific reclaimed materials and wonder if we have them on hand (or can acquire them on an upcoming deconstruction or from one of our trusted associates), feel free to contact us at any time.

* Wall & Ceiling Treatments Made From Reclaimed Wood: We produce several types of tongue and groove or shiplap wood products from the lumber we recover during our various deconstruction projects. Our best seller is 1/2” thick, mixed width boards in various combinations: Skip planed brown/grey, skip planed red weathered, skip planed white weathered, center cut, skip planed mixed colors. Check out some example photos and learn more here.

* Real Wood Rustic Tongue and Groove Flooring: From our barn boards and beams, we make two primary types of real wood tongue and groove flooring: Skip planed mixed species brown/grey and  center cut mixed species. Learn how it’s made.

* End Grain Wood Tiles: Used for a truly unique wood flooring product or a variety of other potential uses, check out our center cut wood tiles cut from reclaimed barn beams. See pics of a finished end grain floor here.

* Barn Boards and Beams: In general, we try to keep a good supply of barn wood of various types. Contact us for grey or red weathered barn siding (and sometimes white). We generally have a good supply of "brown board" from haymow flooring, interior partitions, etc. We always have a large supply of barn beams of various lengths and dimensions, both rough sawn and hand hewn. Naily wood (roofing boards that had cedar shakes on them) is a hot commodity, but we almost always have some in stock. 

* Like rusty tin? We keep a good inventory on hand of corrugated metal and often also have other styles. We also try to keep a range of “rustiness” from very little or no rust to full rusted surface.  

* Barn doors:  We have a selection of different sizes and styles on hand at most times - OR we have materials you can select to make your own - OR we can have one made for you to your exact specifications.

* House Materials: From houses, depending on the age of the building, and the number of updates it has had, we may stock everything from 100 year old hardwood flooring to energy efficient windows and doors! We occasionally have wide base trim and fancy moldings, plinth blocks and “bullets”. If we have hardwood flooring, chances are we also have the subfloor which can be up to 12” wide or wider, rough sawn or with other character. We may have shiplap boards used as sheathing, “naily wood”, solid wood panel interior doors, wood or steel exterior doors, old double hung window sashes or nearly new vinyl windows with screens. We sometimes have kitchen cabinets and sinks, vanities, the occasional claw foot tub and medicine cabinets.

* Antiques & Collectibles: From many deconstruction projects and other opportunities we’ve accumulated a huge inventory of treasures you can use for immediate display or can incorporate in your craft project. We won’t ever have time to list all the thousands of items in our store now, so plan a visit. Call ahead to be sure someone will be here to assist, and enjoy browsing! (Note: Keep watch here on our Web site for an online store that will make a small percentage of our inventory available for purchase online. Coming soon!)

* Repurposed Crafts, Furniture, etc. We’re fortunate to have on staff a gentleman named Brian, we call our ThingMaker. Brian employs his skills and creativity to make or refurbish all manner of unique items.  Mostly you’ll find these items in our store as well. From headboards to shelving units, floating shelves to sofa tables, picture frames to mirrors, keepsake boxes to key & jewelry holders, there’s almost always something on Brian’s work table. You’ll find a few of our craft items on our Etsy page, but again, there’s no way we’ll have time to list everything, so it’s best to plan a visit.

* Custom Projects: Brian especially loves making custom projects for customers who bring their ideas and need something made. Need a favorite photo, artwork or even a burlap bag framed with barn wood?  Need a reclaimed wood table made that will fit in a specific space? A special set of shelves? Lets talk!

* Other Resources: We also work with other artisans that make furniture and other items out of reclaimed barn wood and other materials, so if we’re not comfortable making a particular piece, we can often refer a request to other experienced professionals we trust.

Don’t see what you are looking for listed? Just ask. If we don’t have it, we may be able to locate what you need.

How to “Measure Up”… Review a quick explanation of square feet, board feet, and linear feet.  -  © Used Anew, LLC 2013